Dorpol – Pool – Swimming Polls – Roofing – Accessories

We are a company engaged in the sale of swimming pools in Europe.
Our pools are sensational solution for people who appreciate the convenience, comfort and a sense of freedom. All our products are of superior quality, manufactured from the best available materials and technology based on decades of experience.
Pools are made from high quality polyester resins and laminates coated with resistant coating colcotu. This coating is resistant to low and high temperatures, the effect of chemical compounds, helps to keep the pool clean, it also features an unusual color fastness. Swimming pool can be further insulated with foam spray, which prevents heat loss of water. The advantage of the pools is the attractiveness and diversity, high aesthetics, and uniform design for 100% leakage – they are cheaper and faster to install than concrete, knocked out long-term costs of the construction work. In addition, we offer a roof pool and accessories necessary for operation of the pool are individually tailored to the tastes and needs.