Portable universal roofing and roof of pool

Cheap portable universal roof of swimming pool is cheaper variant of roofing. Low cost is an advantage and little bit more complicated manipulation is a disadvantage.

Extension of swimming season about 3 months without necessity of heating of water in pool.

Securing of safety for small children and pets.

It pushes rights down for maintenance of water. Because surrounding dirts do not fall down to the water, less pool chemistry is used and of course roofing saves up loads of heating of water in pool.

Swimming in nice warm water, when the weather is bad. Walls of roofing provide more effective effect of sun during heating of water in pool. Decreasing of warming loss of warming up of water in pool during night cooling down.

Construction of roofing is from high quality hardened alloy of aluminium AlMgSi and with surface adjustment of eloxation. Poly-carbonate boards are characterized by high resistance to influence of solar radiation, considerable resistance to collision, low mass and excellent thermal and isolation characters. Combination of all these characters guarantees high lifetime of portable roofing.