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Roofing of swimming pool means an effective way, how to push operating loads down for operation

of pool and in the same time to raise number of days a year, when it it possible to use swimming pool for swimming.

The roof for outdoor is made from polycarbonate boards most often. Because of it covering of pool is light and practically maintenance free. Specialized firms provide roofing of pools as an accessories for pools. Roofs can be movable (sliding) or portable.

Roofing of pools push loads down for operation of pool, but as well it works as a safety element, which protects children and adults not to fall down to the pool.

Advantages of roofing of pool

  • extension of swimming in your pool up to 6 months a year

  • make swimming possible in pleasant warm water, when the weather is bad

  • walls of roofing provide more effective effect of sun during heating of water in pool (so called solar effect)

  • prevention of enter of dirts to the water in pool

  • decreasing of warming loss of warming up of water in pool during night cooling down

  • economizing loads for electric energy during heating of pool

  • securing of pool against small children and pets to the water

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